High quality primary education in the heart of Amsterdam

Our school is located in an attractive and open school building, situated on the Lastageweg in the city centre. A professional and enthusiastic team offers high standard education and a wide variety of cultural and social activities.

Our school building is equipped with spacious class rooms, an arts and crafts atelier and a playroom for physical exercising for our youngest pupils. There is room for remedial teaching and workspaces for small groups.

We have an extensive school library and a stage for music and theatre performances. Throughout the building there are ample workspaces equipped with laptops and chromebooks.

The gym for pupils of groups 3-8 is situated opposite the school building. We have a safe (fenced in) and spacious playground, where the kids can have fun in the sand area. In front of the building, in a car free zone, there is a playground equipped with state of the art climbing equipment.

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