Culture and the arts are important topics at our school. We consider them essential to the development of children. Cultural education has always played an important role in our curriculum and involves visuals arts, dance, drama, music, literature and cultural inheritance. We make sure everyone can take part in these activities. Visual arts and music are taught by a teacher specialized in this area. The lessons fit into our IPC-curriculum.

The reason why we pay so much attention to art education is because it not only involves knowledge but it also contributes to personal development and finding one’s role in society. It enables children to develop their talents, it introduces them to the arts, to aesthetics and ethical issues and they learn to understand and express and their feelings. It helps children to learn and communicate in their own manner and therefor it is a valuable addition to the other subject areas. It also promotes historical awareness, helps forming one’s own identity and stimulates a creative and investigative approach. Skills that last a lifetime! Last but not least it gives pleasure and brings about a sense of wellbeing.