Our vision

St Antoniusschool is a contemporary primary school in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the Nieuwmarkt. We are a school where, in all their diversity, children, parents and educators, teachers and all other school staff meet to achieve learning and development. A place where everyone not only feels safe, but also feels at home.

We offer a rich learning environment where, in addition to working on the core objectives, we are committed to a broad orientation for our children. Together, we work on developing knowledge, talents and qualities, teaching the children to be part of society in a positive and full-fledged way.

We encourage the children to develop an independent and critical attitude. This enables them to take responsibility for their own learning and show ownership. Through this sense of autonomy and competence, children are motivated to grow and develop their talents.

Trust and connection, growth and talent development, ownership and responsibility, fun and enthusiasm are our core values.

Our core values

Fun and enthusiasm
We create a pleasant working environment with a positive casual atmosphere. This allows children to discover each other's qualities, interests and creativity in a spontaneous way. This creates fun and enthusiasm among pupils, teachers and parents.

Ownership and responsibility
Meeting the three basic needs: relationship (I belong), autonomy (I can do it myself) and competence (I can do it) motivates children to grow. We believe it is important that children develop an independent and critical attitude so that they are able to take responsibility for their own learning and show ownership.

Trust and connection
We strive to create a safe and positive environment where pupils, teachers and parents feel valued, heard and seen. We stand for connection, working together towards common goals and harnessing individual qualities. By working and celebrating together, we create a sense of belonging and connection. We believe it is important for pupils to feel part of a bigger picture.

Growth and talent development
We tailor our teaching to our children's learning needs, resulting in an environment where they are encouraged to discover and develop their talents and are motivated to grow. Through targeted feedback, we encourage and give children insight into their learning so that they are able to set or adjust their own goals.