The St. Antoniusschool is a modern primary school in the city of Amsterdam, close to the Nieuwmarkt. Learning, discovering, a curious and investigative attitude, self-confidence and responsibility go hand in hand.

5 core values form the basis of our education and school organization:


Pleasure is fundamental for our school. We let everybody experience that learning is great fun. Children learn to approach the world around them with a positive attitude.


Together with pupils, teachers, parents and others involved we create the conditions for everyone to develop one’s talents. Our school is an inspiring learning environment where everyone can shine.  


We stimulate the natural curiosity and creativity. We challenge pupils to investigate new ideas, discoveries and solutions.


We learn children to be responsible for themselves, others and their environment (the world in which they live). We teach them self-reflection to help them become autonomous and responsible human beings.


We want everyone in our school to keep on developing themselves. Not only pupils, but also teachers and everyone else involved. We keep on challenging everybody, each on one’s own level.