Our definition of quality assurance is that we aim ‘to do the right things in a better way’. Adequate instruments and a solid planning and control cycle must be in place. This way quality is not a coincidence but a systematic approach for improvement.

The quality of our school is based on coherent policies, specific goals and proper management to make sure the necessary actions and checks are carried out in time. This way we monitor and evaluate if we do the right things and if we achieve our goals.

Our (system of) quality assurance meets the demands of the Dutch Inspectorate of Education.
It can be assessed by the following indicators:

  • We know where we start from
  • We have clearly formulated our goals
  • We systematically evaluate the quality of our outcomes, learning process and education
  • We continuously aim to improve the quality of our education
  • We can be held accountable for the educational quality we deliver to our stakeholders
  • We have a systematic approach to quality assurance
  • Our school policy plan meets the legal demands
  • Our school brochure contains the necessary information for parents.

Our quality control system is based on a Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle, as described in our quality policy. Part of our policy is to carry out a quality analysis twice a year. This analysis helps us to formulate the actions we are going to take to improve the quality.

We define quality as an ongoing, professional approach to continuously improve our education. All the time we determine, assess and improve the quality of the relevant aspects of our school, so not only the primary educational process but the entire school organization. We take a so called integral quality approach.