The social-emotional wellbeing of our pupils and team members has great impact on the way they function. Therefor we pay structural and systematic attention to the socio-emotional development of the children (and team members). Our goal is to raise them as sensible and responsible (world) citizens.

Children must learn to take good care of themselves and to be able to get along with the people and the world around them. We think it is important that our pupils and team members live and work together. We want to educate our pupils about society and enable them to develop a sense of responsibility for the world. 

Our ambitions are:

  • We use the KiVa method for social-emotional development
  • We raise our pupils as ‘people that participate’, who are willing to cooperate and are actively involved in society
  • We want to give our pupils a cultural education that will last a lifetime (and we involve the parents as much as possible)
  • The teachers and teacher mentor discuss the development of the pupils and the groups during pupil and group evaluations
  • We follow the social-emotional development of our pupils in a structural and systematic way, using Zien! a digital based social-emotional monitor
  • We offer a safe environment for our pupils and team members: socially, physically and psychologically.
  • Every year we survey the wellbeing and involvement of our pupils.
  • We discuss the school’s quality with a representation of the pupils (pupil council)
  • We survey the safety perception and satisfaction of team members and parents on a regular basis