In accordance with the relevant Act of 1992, the St. Antoniusschool has implemented an Advisory Board (AB). The AB consists of two staff members and two parents. The staff members on the AB are delegated by the team. The parent members are elected in a general election. 
The AB represents the interest of pupils, staff and parents. Topics for AB meetings may include:

•   Improvement of or changes to the curriculum (acquiring new methods or educational materials).
•   Setting holiday dates and training days.
•   Parental contribution.
•   School guide/school plan.
•   Pupil care, including for pupils with special educational needs.

The AB concerns itself with financial, organisational and policy issues. It does not represent individual interests of parents, pupils or staff. However, individual cases may give rise to re-evaluations of the school’s general policy. 
The AB’s competences derive from the Act on School Councils(Wet Medezeggenschap op Scholen, WMS). In certain areas, the AB has a right to prior consultation; in others, a right of consent. The latter means that the school management can only take a proposed decision if the AB has given its approval. 
The AB convenes seven or eight times a year. The minutes of AB meetings are published on the school website. A member of the school management is generally present at AB meetings to provide specific information. AB meetings are open to the public, which means all parents are free to attend and raise issues for discussion. Please inform the AB’s chair if you wish to attend a meeting or raise a concern. You can reach the AB at 


AB members 2020-2021
Parent delegation:
  • Patrick Smits van Waesberghe (chairman)
  • Laurette Spoelman
Staff delegation: