Getting to know the St. Antoniusschool?
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Starting school 
Children can enrol in primary education from age 4. As of the school year 2015-2016, virtually all primary schools in Amsterdam adhere to the Municipal Admissions Policy. This means that the same rules for applications and admissions apply for all participating schools. These rules apply for all pupils born after 1 July 2011. For more information, see
Parents receive a primary school application form from the City Council and a brochure explaining the admissions policy around their child’s third birthday, Parents can enrol their child by submitting this form to the primary school of their first preference. Always use the Council’s application form. Even if a child has been registered earlier – with us or at another school -, it remains imperative to return the application form to the school of first preference. Parents wishing to enrol a subsequent child at a school attended by an older sibling need to submit their application form to that school. In such cases, it is not necessary to specify more than one school because the child will be given a place at the school where their sibling is already going.
Priority placements
Every child qualifies for preferential placement at one of the eight nearest (participating) primary schools. Find out about the schools near you by filling in the postal code and house number of the address your child is registered to, plus his or her date of birth at The website will provide you with an overview of the eight schools where your child qualifies for preferential placement. 
Next steps
Fill out the City Council application form. Do not forget to list your telephone number and email address. Your child’s name, date of birth and registered address are pre-printed on the form. Please check if the listed details are correct. List at least five schools in your order of preference. No. 1 is the school you would prefer your child to attend, followed by your second choice, etc. Is our school your first choice? Please submit the completed and signed form (not a copy or scan) to our secretariat. 
Upon receipt of your application, we will send you a confirmation of registration by post or email. Please check whether all details are listed correctly. 
Sometimes we require additional documentation. For example when
• Your child has a pre- or early-school indication (voorschoolse en vroegschoolse educatie, VVE).
• The data pre-printed on the form are wrong,
• You are using an application form without your child’s pre-printed personal data.
Submission dates 
The deadlines for submission of the application form are:
  • 4th of November 2021 for children born between May 1st and August 31th 2018
  • 4th of March 2022 for children born between September 1st and December 31th 2018
  • 3th of June 2022 for children born between January 1st and april 30th 2019
  • 4th of November 2022 for chidren born between May 1st and August 31th 2019
Primary school placements 
Every year in March, June and November, under the joint responsibility of the School Boards, school placements are assigned in an automatically for the city as a whole. In like circumstances, every child has an equal opportunity for a school placement. The aim is to provide children with a placement in their highest school of preference.
If a school has enough places, all registered children are enrolled. When a school has received more applications than there are places, lots are drawn. Your child is entered in the draw in the order of preference of the schools that you have specified. The following precedence rules are applied in subsequent order:
  • First priority is given to children with an older sibling already enrolled (at the time the child starts school). For this category, placement is guaranteed.
Subsequently, the following applications are considered, in descending order:
  • Children with a pre- or early-school indication (VVE), who have attended the associated pre-school 4 half-days a week for 8 months, and who have listed our school as their school of preference;
  • The child attends an Integral Child Centre (Integraal Kind Centrum, IKV) connected with their first school preference and our school is listed as their first school of preference;
  • One of the child’s parents in permanently employed at the school;
  • The school is a priority school for the child.
Once the priority categories have been placed, other applications are considered. If necessary, there will be a draw. Children who have not been allocated to their first school of preference, they are entered into the draw fort heir second school of choice. 
If you have registered your child in time, you will receive notice from the school where your child will be placed within two weeks of the deadline for application. Your child’s place at our school is not guaranteed until you confirm agreement with your child’s placement to the school within the term specified in the letter (generally 2-3 weeks). 
Transferring from another school
Pupils transferring from other primary schools to enrol in groups 2-8 a different procedure applies. Our school will contact the school they attended to enquire after the pupil’s performance, behaviour and social-emotional development. Based on these data, the school leader and the internal coordinator determine whether our school is able to provide the necessary care to warrant placement.