Enthusiastic class parents are indispensable to any well-functioning school. Class parents act as liaisons between class teachers and parents, and between the Parent Team and parents. 

Class parents’ tasks comprise:​
  • Compiling a parents’ email address list.
  • Acting as a liaison between the class teacher and parents. For example, when the teacher is in need of assistance for activities in/with the class, the class parent arranges for parents to come in and help out.
  • Assisting in organising and planning, in close concert with the class teacher.
  • Motivating other parents to get involved.
  • Refer parents to teaching staff in case of complaints, questions or queries.
Class parents’ responsibilities in school include:
  • ​Passing on queries from theParent Team (Ouderaad) to parents in their own class/group.​
  • ​Conveying parents’ ideas for the school or, for example, for festivities, to the Par​ent Team.